Kohirehas the in-depth expertise you need for your hard to fill positions. We have an admirable track record of success stories and work across India, including Chennai! If it's permanent, temporary or recruitment process outsourcing,- we're here to help.

With an unwavering focus on quality, Kohireoffers HR solutions. In the present dynamic corporate scenario, we constantly upgrade our skill sets to not only meet the increasing demand for right talent but also match prerequisites specified by clients. With an aim to be a one-stop-shop for recruitment needs of organizations of all sizes, we have these services in place


Recruiting Solutions

Kohireis an agency that understands the importance of filling up a vacancy whether it is for new or replacement positions. We realize the intricacies and complexity in recruitment processes and recruiters are specially trained to understand these complexities. Our unique algorithm used in matching process ensures we find best matches within quickest time possible, with context being very important too alongside job description, resume and competencies a candidate has. Consultants at Kohire are trained to understand context of an organization’s structure as well as individual role relevant to this structure which makes them uniquely capable since contexts vary from one another.

In order to find the best staff, we also assess if a candidate's context is aligned with his competencies. What this means is that you can have all the required skills necessary for a job but not be right for it because of your context or environment. We aspire to become one of India's premier staffing companies by ensuring that there are complete matches between our clients and candidates' contexts and their respective talents.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing

When an organisation hires new talent, it's important for the person in charge of hiring to understand how that particular team works. They should know about each individual role holder and what they're responsible for. The recruiter needs to design a plan where they attract suitable candidates by advertising jobs on various media, sourcing them through multiple channels like interest check and validate suitability, receiving all applications via Kohire (company’s online recruitment platform), or referencing any other sources if necessary. After this process is completed successfully, the recruiter will screen shortlisted applicants before coordinating interviews with client teams in order to offer employment contracts. With negotiation skills combined with careful research into industry ratesthe job seeker can negotiate offers based on their skill set.? Once offered positions are accepted by the candidate ?it has been observed that there is often a gap between when service pre-commencement starts which can be two weeks after commencement date depending upon context e g international assignments.This gap may result in negative attitudes from employee towards employer as well as lessened productivity levels during this period due to lack of familiarity/adjustment issues etc., leading up to joining day when successful employees start work."

We are specialised in following Verticals

  • IT and Software
  • HR Management
  • ITES & BPO
  • Marketing & Sales
  • BFS & Insurance
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing & Production Industry


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